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Weekending in Flower Country Pt. 9

Weekending in Flower Country Pt. 9


The End of Camelot

November 22nd, 1963

Even in her grief, Jacqueline Kennedy had the
strength to recount her husband's assassination in vivid detail and
the presence of mind to convey her hopes for his memorials.
   "His last expression was so neat," Mrs. Kennedy told
journalist Theodore H. White in comments released for the first
time Friday. "He had his hand out, I could see a piece of his
skull coming off ... and I can see this perfectly clean piece
detaching itself from his head.
   "Then he slumped in my lap," she said. "His blood and brains
were in my lap.
   "I kept saying: `Jack, Jack, Jack' and someone was yelling:
`He's dead, he's dead.' All the ride to the hospital I kept bending
over him saying: `Jack, Jack, can you hear me, I love you Jack.' I
kept holding the top of his head down, trying to keep the brains
in," she said on Nov. 29, 1963, a week after the president's

Réveiller et se souvenir

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Les Perdus

Weekending in Flower Country, Pt. 8

Weekending in Flower Country Pt. 7